Inpatient Treatment

For detailed program information on any of the following services or instructions about how to obtain a Rule 25 Placement Assessment to enter inpatient treatment, please email or call (218) 723-8444.

Detoxification and Pathfinder Unit
We have 24 beds offering medically managed sub-acute detoxification from alcohol and drugs, including 6 beds dedicated to acute opioid-related disorders that require medical management, called Pathfinder. Learn more about Detoxification and our Pathfinder Unit.

Residential Treatment
Residential treatment requires a stay at a facility. The Center for Drug and Alcohol Treatment has a 10-bed residential treatment unit for men ages 18 and older. Our program is highly structured and medically supervised. It is set up for those who are dealing with biomedical or mental health issues; people who are unable to abstain during outpatient treatment; or those who lack a safe living environment. The length of time people spend in residential treatment varies, with many staying for up to 30 days. Located at The Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment.

“This program has started me on the right path to sobriety. My willingness to stay clean and sober will lead me to my destiny—to be free of my addiction.”
–Residential Treatment client

Marty Mann House Extended Care Treatment for Women
Marty Mann House is a safe, nurturing residential drug and alcohol treatment facility designed specifically for women 18 years and older. Our program provides a minimum of 15 hours of clinical programming per week.  It offers a therapeutic place to find the shelter, resources, stability and serenity they need to recover and reclaim their lives. Learn more about Marty Mann House.

Howard Friese House Extended Care Treatment for Men
We offer two locations for men’s medium intensity extended care treatment. Howard Friese House Lakeside (1520 East 2nd Street) is a 14-bed residential facility for men and Howard Friese House Hillside (714 North 11th Ave. East) is a 12-bed residential facility for men.

Both locations are designed to provide a minimum of 15 hours of clinical therapy each week. The key features of these programs include long-term sobriety, education, living skills, employment, and chemical-free recreation. Click here for the Howard Friese daily schedule.

“The services and support I received at Howard Friese House saved my life.”
–Howard Friese Resident