Detoxification Services

“I feel this place is great for helping people.”

“The staff is awesome.”


Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

“I think the fact that this program works with people’s issues independently helps make it successful. I loved my group.”

“Great program, great counselors, very open-minded and willing to look at new options/ideas that are helpful to sobriety.”

“In just a short time here I feel better about my health and well-being. It’s been almost three years since I’ve felt this good and sober.”

“Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me realize my values. Instead of the bottle that always came first, now my life, health and values come first.”

“My counselors experience with drugs and alcohol made it easier for me. She knew what I was going through.”

“I learned a lot, found my voice. Thank you.”

“It is the most constructive and thought-provoking treatment I have ever attended. I can’t see how anyone could get better help.”


Residential Treatment Program

“The help and guidance I received here has been extraordinary. The staff are intelligent, caring people who showed me by example the kind of person I strive to be.”

“Beyond praise!” (I have to stop here or I may start crying again).

“I am very happy I came here. I love the individual treatment you offer. I was able to come to an understanding with my problems. It was a fabulous step to my new way of life.”

“This is an awesome program. It truly helped me and motivated me to stay sober.”

“Thank you for caring about and for me when I didn’t know how to do it myself.”

“It helped with more than just drugs; it helped with life problems.”


Marty Mann Medium Intensity Residential Program for Women

“I am shocked by how much I have learned about myself and how much I have changed for the better. Thank you. I will never forget!”

“I do not think I could have stayed clean without Marty Mann.”

“Coming to this house is one of the best things that has been in my life. It offered me a safe place to develop a spiritual connection with God. This house and the women have taught me to live, love and have fun.”

“I would recommend Marty Mann to any woman. It has been an incredible and life changing experience.”

“I feel that Marty Mann has done more for me than any other chemical dependency treatment I have had. This is an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my daughter.”


Howard Friese Medium Intensity Residential Program for Men

“I found a new outlook on life. You saved my life. You showed me who I really am.”

“This has been a positive, amazing experience. Thank you.”

“Thank you to the staff of Howard Friese for treating me with dignity, taking a genuine interest in my well-being.”

“This was the best treatment I have had out of eight treatments and three halfway houses.”

“I am ready to accept the challenge I will face…ready to change, ready to go home and give it all I have.”


Mental Health and Recovery Program

“I learned so much, now it’s time to move on with my kids and celebrate recovery.”