Woodland Hills Adolescent Treatment Program

“I believe that chemical dependency counseling helped me in many different ways and made me go for my goals better than before—it inspired me.”

- Woodland Hills Youth

Woodland Hills is an outpatient treatment program for adolescents, established in 2002. Through a partnership with the Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatments, youth have access to substance abuse education classes, multi-dimensional Rule 25 chemical dependency assessment and outpatient substance abuse treatment.

Adolescents in need of outpatient chemical dependency treatment receive peer-based assistance as they process their problems with drugs and alcohol.

These services are available to youth as part of Woodland Hills Residential Treatment Center and Chisholm House Community Transition and Intensive Day Treatment Programs.


Woodland Hills
110 W. Redwing Street
Duluth, MN


For more detailed information about Woodland Hills Adolescent Treatment, please email our Program Director or call (218) 723-8444.