If You Need Help

We’re here with the help you need.

The path that’s right for one person may not be exactly right for another. It’s why everything we do to help starts with you. You decide how and when that happens.

  • If you want to be off heroin, prescription pills or another drug, we can help.
  • If you’re struggling and need stability, we can create a path to safety.
  • If you want a special way to address your problem, we can customize an approach that’s right for you.

The right help makes the path clearer. It’s a path you choose. And a path we support.

Get Started

The first step is sometimes the hardest, but there are a few different options you can choose right now to get on the path to recovery.

Take the assessment
If you are wondering whether you have a problem with substance use and addiction, start by taking our Drug and Alcohol Use Assessment.

Talk to someone now
Sometimes what you need most is to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through and can guide you through your next steps. To talk to someone right now, check out our Peer Recovery Services by calling 218-216-4485.

Walk-In Substance Use Comprehensive Assessment
The Walk-In Substance Use Comprehensive Assessment provides a diagnosis and is the basis for individualized treatment planning and referral. Learn how to get the assessment here.

Our Services

Because everyone’s path to recovery looks different, we offer a variety of options and services to meet you exactly where you are.

For detailed program information on any of the following services, or instructions about how to enter treatment, please email Admissions@CADT.org or call (218) 723-8444.

Our outpatient services allow you to live at home and continue your regular activities while seeking treatment. They include groups, individual counseling, co-occurring group therapy, medically assisted treatment and recovery, and others. Learn more about outpatient services.

Our inpatient services are offered from a few days to a month or more depending on your individualized recovery needs. They include detoxification/Pathfinder Unit, residential treatment, and extended care treatment for men and women. Learn more about inpatient services.

Our mission and vision include the health of the community as well as individuals. We offer resources for gambling addiction, chaplaincy services, housing, and more. Learn more about community services.

You’re not alone. Find hope, support and resources.